At Empire we pride ourselves on our use and knowledge of unique plant material. Rather than using the same plant material that is offered in traditional garden centre's we seek out trees & shrubs that will set your garden apart from any of your neighbours or friends. Customer referrals are due to our unique plant material and creative designs.

Top 5 Trees

1. Ginko Biloba


The Ginkgo Tree is one of the oldest trees on the planet. The unique fan- shaped leaf is used medicinally as a memory enhancer and is even being used to treat Alzheimer's disease.

2. Tulip Tree


The Tulip Tree is named after its spring flowers that resemble a tulip. A common tree in the United States but also grows native in wetlands in Ontario. This tree is perfect for wet soils and is a fast grower.

3. Tri color Beech


The Tri color beech is fast replacing the Japanese Maple as a favorite in ornamental landscape trees. Its unique pink, copper and white foliage makes it stand out in any landscape.

4. Kentucky Coffeetree


This tree has unique leaves that grow up to a meter long. The tree's seeds were used by early settlers as a coffee supplement until proven to be poisonous. The Kentucky Coffeetree is on the Ontario's endangered species act of 2007.

5. Fire Glow Japanese Maple


The Fire glow Japanese Maple is a beautiful, smaller variety of maple with brilliant red leaves spring through fall. It can take more sun than other Japanese Maples, and its smaller size makes it a good choice for any urban landscape.

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